LED Hood Light Fixture - Warm

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Model Number: LED-L87-1004-30W

LED Canopy Hood Light Fixture

Surface Mount

2880 Lumens

3000K (Warm White)


replacement driver: LED-X864


Listed for up to 75ºC (167ºF) operation

2880 Lumens output

3000 Kelvins, 30 Watt

Color Rendering Index > 80

Color Temperature – Warm White

Meets all requirements of NFPA 96 and NEC 410

NSF Listed, RoHS Compliant

LED lamps contain no mercury or other hazardous materials

Contributes to LEED® energy use reduction credits

50,000 hour lamp life

Highest light output per watt (109 lumens/watt) available – Exceeds Federal Energy Act requirements

HAACP Compliant – LED lighting runs cooler than old incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, helping you to better control food temperatures in your refrigerators/coolers/freezers. In addition, LED lights do not contain harmful mercury, like fluorescent fixtures, eliminating a potential chemical hazard in your workplace.

Instant on, no ballast to warm up

No ultraviolet rays: Does not attract insects

Only 6” high for limited clearance applications

4 Mounting Studs

Current: 0.25A @ 120VAC

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