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Model Number: W59-1000

Reversible, heavy duty hinge for walk-in cooler/freezer applications
Unique Cam Action 

Self-lubricating nylon and Delrin cam rise reduce door sweep gasket wear 
Provides constant overclose pressure against door gasket to ensure a positive seal 
Built-in hold open feature allows door to remain open at 140¬∫ 
Door automatically returns to closed position if opened less than 140º


Flexible Design 

Easily converted from left to right hand swing without tools 
Lift-off capability – doors can be removed quickly without tools or
hinge disassembly
Unique design facilitates quick and easy in-place adjustment 
Available in Polished Chrome or Satin Chrome finish with matching or
black covers 
Hinge covers may be personalized with custom colors, logos, etc. for a
distinctive look 
Universal mounting holes allows replacement with all competitors’ models
without redrilling 
Styling coordinated with Component Hardware W30 Series door pulls
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