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Model Number: CM-11

Self-contained Air Cleaning System

Heavy smoke and odor associated with cigars and hookah bars
Airborne particulate and vapors with medical laboratories and testing environments 
Smoke from welding and soldering in light manufacturing and cottage industries 
Removal of dust, smoke, pollen, and other airborne particles 


Rugged Steel Construction

Durable Industrial Grade Electronic Cells
Permanently washable electronic cells 
Removable Pre-Filters & Grille 
System Indicator Light
Low Speed – 400 CFM
Medium Speed – 650 CFM
High Speed – 850 CFM
Flush ceiling applications requiring a minimum of 19 9/16″ above ceiling space. 
Speed Controller Optional
Available In Ivory or Black
Covers approximately 500-900 Sq. Ft. 
Air Purifiers 
Smoke Eater
Tobacco Smoke Filtration Systems
Filtration system
Smoke Remover 
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