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Model Number: 117310

3/4″ bore pillow block bearing


Height – 1.38″

Width   – 5.25″
Length – 2.56″ 
Center to Center mounting holes dimension: 3.75″
Weight -1.5 LBS. 
Replacement bearing for Loren Cook Models: 60ACEB, 70ACEB, 80ACEB, 100ACEB, 120ACEB, 135ACEB, 150ACEB, 165ACEB, 180ACEB, 195ACEB, 210ACEB, 100ACRUB, 120ACRUB, 135ACRUB, 150ACRUB, 165ACRUB, 180ACRUB, 195ACRUB, 210ACRUB, 100ASCS, 120ASCS, 135ASCS, 150ASCS, 165ASCS, 180ASCS, 195ASCS, 210ASCS, 100ACWB, 120ACWB, 135ACWB, 150ACWB, 165ACWB, 180ACWB, 195ACWB, 210ACWB, 100SDB, 120SDB, 90SQIB, 120SQIB, 135SQIB, 150SQIB, 165SQIB, 180SQIB, 195SQIB, 210SQIB, 60SQNB, 70SQNB, 80SQNB, 100SQNB, 120SQNB, 135SQNB, 150SQNB, 165SQNB, 180SQNB, 195SQNB, 210SQNB, 60TCNB, 70TCNB, 80TCNB, 100TCNB, 120TCNB, 135TCNB, 150TCNB, 165TCNB, 60TCNHB, 70TCNHB, 80TCNHB, 100TCNHB, 120TCNHB, 135TCNHB, 150TCNHB, 165TCNHB, 100VCR, 120VCR, 135VCR, 150VCR, 165VCR, 180VCR, 195VCR, 210VCR. 
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