DRIPLOC RT 360 Grease Containment System

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Model Number: 22-BB1500

BB1500 Driploc RT360 Grease Containment System Model # 4424/3-34 (24″ Coverage off the fan curb)

The Rooftop 360 Grease Containment System is revolutionizing the rooftop system market. Simple expandable “Flex Frame” design fits fan curbs ranging from 3″- 34″ in diameter. System provides 24″ of rooftop surface protection around the fan. System installs easily (approx. 1 hour). Kit comes complete with 4 – 24″ X 58″ filters and all components needed to install.

Filter media – 5 layer design 

Top – Pre-Filter Disbursement Layer Made Of Fire Retardant Material (FMVSS 302) Holds Grease And Serves As A UV Protectant

Middle – Quadruple Heavy Duty Oil Only Absorbing Layers Made From Fire Retardant (FMVSS 302) Material


Protects roof from damage
High capacity absorption
Separates oil & water
Non combustible
Flex frame design
5 layer design
Most affordable solution
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