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DRIPLOC 7" Grease Containment System

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Model Number: BB1300

The 7 inch Rack Grease Containment System is designed for exhaust fans that produce a high volume of grease output. If burger, steak or Mongolian cooking areas have you on the run then you’ll love the protection you get with this system.

The 7 inch Rack System is versatile, easy to install, and adapts to various exhaust fans. The custom manufactured filter, or “pillow”, fits inside the rack.

The rack has a built-in drain that allows water to pass through the system at a high volume.  After the initial installation of the rack system, only the two (2) grease pillows need to be replaced. That can be done during regularly scheduled hood cleanings depending on the volume of grease produced by the restaurant.

Uses 2 x 22-CC1000 replacement filters




Designed for exhaust fans that produce a high volume of grease output

The 7 inch Rack System comes ready to install and includes a mounting bracket and deflector shield.

18″ x 12″ 7″
(2) Absorbent pillows included


Meets NFPA 96 standard guidlines

Environmentally friendly / EPA friendly
Encapsulates grease discharge
Impervious to rain water
Helps to maintain roof warranty
Includes 2 absorbent pillows
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