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Model Number: KSPD94-99

-Totally enclosed galvanized cabinet with hooded, filtered intake 

-Top cap quick release latches 
-Permanent, one inch, washable, aluminum filters 
Vibration isolators

-Insulated top cover provides weather protection for the motor and drive components
-Quick release latches provide tool-free access for inspection and maintenance of motor and drive components
-Blower assembly supported by rubber isolators to reduce noise and vibration level transmitted to the supporting structure
-Integral 3″ skirt with pre-punched mounting holes for ease of installation
-Intake hood with 1″ permanent, washable aluminum filters standard


Base: 24 1/4″

Max Watts/BHP Range: 43 – 160
KSPD94: 77 CFM @ 0.25″ static pressure
KSPD95: 120 CFM @ 0.25″ static pressure
KSPD96: 187 CFM @ 0.25″ static pressure
KSPD97: 227 CFM @ 0.25″ static pressure
KSPD98: 258 CFM @ 0.25″ static pressure
KSPD99: 325 CFM @ 0.25″ static pressure
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